How to Get 1 Million Followers on Instagram?

7 Ways to Get 1 Million Followers on Instagram

Instagram (IG) has been dubbed the ‘King of Social Engagement’ and rightly so. You can’t afford to ignore this social network and expect accelerated success in your business. Instagram is the culprit behind many success stories of businesses and individuals. You need to get as many fans as you can to reap the benefit of IG. So let’s assume you want to get a million followers, what should you do?

How to get 1 million followers on Instagram Efficiently

The first thing you need to know is that hitting the 1 million mark will take both your time and money. This is not something that happens overnight so you will need to be patient. Here is how to go about it.

How to Get 1 Million Followers on Instagram

Mind what you post

How to buy followers and likes on Instagram at Every post must be calculated and intended to achieve the goal of attracting fans. Those amazing photos and videos without any flaw. Posting unattractive content will not only make you lose followers but will also damage your reputation.

Post content consistently

Your devotees need to always be aware of your presence. Ensure that you post everyday and your goal of a million followers will be met much more easily. You also need to know the best times to post so that the majority of your followers will see the post. Always remember that most users will gauge your seriousness by consistent posts.

Use other Social Networks

If you are already established in other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter then you have an advantage. The probability of users in other sites being on IG is very high. Regularly remind them to follow you on Instagram. You can post a sneak peek of your photos that will compel them to visit your Instagram.

Follow and Like Others

One sure law of the jungle is give and you will get. Don’t be stingy with your likes. Like random photos and even follow people and your visibility will increase. If you are looking for a natural way on how to get 1 million followers on Instagram then this is it.

The Hashtag

How you use hashtags will greatly affect how many followers you get. Hashtags such as #likeforlike can be very useful if all you are interested in is fans. If you however want a target audience you should use hashtags that are relevant to your photos.

Creating your own hashtag that appeal to your audience can be a great boost to meet the million follower goal. Remember that although hashtags are useful in getting new followers, overusing them can dilute your message.


Hold a contest on Instagram. Simply post an image of choice promoting the contest and ask your audience to like it in order to access contest. Contests are very effective as they can even drive traffic to your website and effortlessly give you more fans. Many people will positively react to contests.

Consider Advertising

Don’t shy from using social advertising to get those fans. It will cost you but your target audience will automatically see your posts. Sponsored ads on Instagram have been shown to be quite effective.

So there you have it. Follow these tips and watch your Instagram devotees skyrocket.